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Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper - 2 of year 2003

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: Networking     Views: 3011

Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper - 2 of year 2003

Section I

Q1.Explain following. (Any 10)    10.

1.Importance of Information policy in organization for security.
2.Why HTTP is stateless.
3.The importance of Alias Expansion phase in INCOMING MAILS.
4.Why TFTP use UDP.
5.Why BOOTP was better alternative to RARP?
6.Why FTP can not work with normal NAT environment.
7.The usefulness of IAC character in Telnet.
8.The Automatic Configuration in DHCP
9.Why tunnels are used in VPN
10.Why for a mobile host, designers have to consider communication from peers in the network a special case?
11.There was a need to force the server to read for control information in Telnet.
12.Mailbox retrieval protocols are needed in addition to SMTP itself.
13.Persistent connection approach was accepted in HTTP 1.1

Q2. Do as directed. (Any Two)     (5)

1.Show how port mapped NAT can be useful in providing multiple services to multiple clients using a single IP Address.
2.Show how a stub network can help production network to survive an attack on the bastion host.
3.Show how Two crossing problem introduces unnecessary traveling packets thru internet.
4.Show how Sorcerer’s Apprentice problem makes a TFTP client and server exchange two packets for a single packet every time after it starts.

Section II

1.What is AWT? Write components available in AWT. (1)
2.What is event delegation model in Java 2. (1)
3.Write a adapter class that counts & prints  no. of mouse clicks for an applet.(1)
4.What are type of GUIs. Discuss all the layouts for the same.(2)


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Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper - 2 of year 2003 is from India.
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