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Networking Technology- 1 sessional paper of year 2002

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Networking Technology sessional paper of year 2002

Code for Networking Technology- 1 sessional paper of year 2002 in Networking

Q1. Write whether true or false. Write reason for the same. Answer without proper reason is not subject to marks.  (Any 20)                                                                 (20)          
1.    RED helps alleviating flow control problems due to router queue length.
2.    Slow start is very slow.
3.    New-Timeout = ? * Old-Timeout does not work properly for high variance in delay.
4.    Push bit is set to send the out of band data ahead of others.
5.    TCP takes help of IP in combating congestion.
6.    If no port numbers are needed, UDP is not needed for connectionless data delivery.
7.    Hashing based on binary trie is helpful in Classless Inter Domain Routing.
8.    Longest match is used in CIDR to ensure maximum no of comparisons
9.    Anonymous PtoP links do not require IP addresses.
10.    Proxy ARP can be used with more efficiency when spoofing warning is provided by the network.
11.    Router discovery message is needed when more than one router is present in the network and a host must decide initially to whom shell the packets be sent.
12.    The first 64 bits of the erroneous datagram is needed to be returned by an ICMP error message, because looking at that portion, exact error can be determined by the sender.
13.    ICMP messages are always sent to sender because intermediate routers have no facility to examine such errors and take corrective actions.
14.    When acting as a multi-homed host, a machine must honor subnetting and help routing datagrams among subnets.
15.    A router keeps IP addresses in the routing table whileswitch keeps data link layer hardware addresses in their tables.
16.    All data transmission can be done by either direct delivery or indirect delivery.
17.    Copying data from one datagram to another needs copy bit set in the datagram which is being copied.
18.    Routers do not need to write their IP address when strict route option is chosen, though, they need to write their IP address when record route option is chosen.
19.    More fragment bit is needed in IP to indicate more fragments of this packet are possible and acceptable.
20.    Differentiated services code-point values are contiguous for a single class.
21.    RARP is useful when ARP can not be used.
22.    ARP is best when direct mapping is possible.
23.    Knowing one of the IP addresses of the machine is enough for sending a datagram to it.

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