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Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper of year 2002

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Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper of year 2002

Section 1

Question1. Write Answers in brief.  (Any 10)                         (10)
1.Why fragmentation is moved from router to source in IPv6?
2.What is the weakest link axiom?
3.Why RTCP is needed to accompany RTP?
4.Why HTTP 1.1 adopted the persistent connection approach?
5.Why alias expansion phase is added in mail sending as well as receiving process?
6.What is sorcerer’s apprentice bug?
7.Why TCP need minimum two connections?
8.Why pseudo terminal driver is important in telnet server?
9.Why BOOTP provides a two step bootstrap procedure?
10.Why NAT, a very useful and popular technique, not advised to be used?
11.What is two crossing problem in Mobile IP?
12.What is a silly window syndrome in TCP?

Question2. Write true or false with reason. 
Answer without reasons are not subject to marks. (Any 10) (10)
1.SIP is a signaling standard
2.HTTP request is stateless.
3.XDR is needed for NFS because data formats can not be passed from one machine to another in the native format.
4.SMTP and POP3 both are needed to get mail for a user connected to an ISP.
5.Translation is must for video transmission thru a congested network to survive.
6.If an organization’s firewall restricts incoming datagrams except the accepted ports, an arbitrary application inside the firewall can not become client to a server from outside the firewall.
7.A stub network on a firewall is usually a better idea then putting it on one of the production networks of the organization.
8.Better support for real time transmission is provided in IPv6.
9.Automatic and dynamic configurations are same for DHCP
10.VPN uses IP-in-IP encapsulation.
11.A foreign agent care-of address may be one of the IP addresses of the foreign agent itself.
12.DNS and DHCP must talk to each other for complete automation.

Section - II
Read questions properly before you answer them. 
Marks will be given to the completely correct answer. 
There will be zero mark for semi correct or incomplete answer 
1Explain Multicase Sockets1
2How will u get Applet’s Originating Address in Java.1
3Why URLEncoder and URLDecoder classes are used?1
5Write a simple multithreaded Day-Time client and server. 3
6Write a program that Converts name of the client to IP Address and vice a versa.
java Convert
output : ICTSRV
java Convert ICTSRV 
output :
7Write Console based Client that supports multiple instances to an IIS web server. Print the  index.html file residing on the web server.
java IISClient http://ictproxy:1800/index.html
output : complete source of index.html file.2


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Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper of year 2002 is from India.
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