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Networking Technologies - 2 university paper - 2 of year 1998

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Networking Technologies - 2 university paper - 2 of year 1998.

Section I

Q-1 Answer the following:[9]
(a)What are the functions of UDP? Why is the UDP checksum different from the IP checksum?
(b)Compare the merits and demerits of the following protocols:
(c)Give the differences between Broadcasting and Multicasting in Internet.

Q-2 (a) Describe the important fields of IP datagram.[5]
       (b) Explain the concept of a network’s maximum transfer unit and of fragmentation as applied to IP 
datagrams. [3]
Q-2 (a) What is the Domain Name Server? Explain how DNS servers keep the information updated?[4]
(b) Explain the three primary classes of IP address.[2]
 (c) Consider a machine with two physical network connections and two IP addresses I1 and I2. Is it 
possible for that machine to receive a datagram destined for  I2 over the network with address I1? Explain.[2]

Q-3 (a) How the following concepts are implemented in TCP? Explain.[5]
i.Reliable Delivery
ii.Flow control
       (b) Assume that a machine using TCP is sending segments using maximum window size (64 Kbytes) on a 
channel that has infinite Bandwidth and an average round trip time of 20 milliseconds. What is the 
maximum throughput? How does throughput change if the round trip time increases to 40 milliseconds (while bandwidth remains infinite)?[2]
       (c) How does a router detect circular excessively long routes?[1]
Q-3 (a) Describe any two methods of authentication used for Internet security.[4]
       (b) Describe the functioning of ICMP.[2]
       (c) Explain the concept of autonomous systems used in Internet routing. Discuss the exterior gateway 
      protocol. State the key restrictions of EGP.[2]

Section II

Q-4 (a) Define the following terms as used in JAVA systems:[2]
1.A thread in JAVA
2.A class construction
3.JAVA virtual machine
4.A JAVA applet
        (b) States that of the following statements are True or False:[2]
1.A subclass can override the constructor of the superclass.
2.JAVA does not support operator-overloading features in C++.
3.A subclass inherits the entire public methods and variables of the superclass.
4.Garbage collection starts in finalize() method.
(c)Create a web page in HTML which shows the syllabus of the 5th semester. For each subject, the important topics covered in your class must be specified.[4]

Q-5 (a) Select the most appropriate answer from the choices given:[3]
1.A constructor is called when
a)a browser is loaded in memory.
b)When class object is created by Java virtual machine
c)On user request.
2.init() is called
a)when applet is loaded
b)when user clicks mouse
c)when applet is brought into view
3.JAVA script is
a)a language for debugger’s Java applets.
b)A script language that initializes the applets.
c)A run time language interpreted by a browser
4.A graphics object is the
a)device context of windows
b)software controlling two applets
c)graphics adapter card
5.A layout manager
a)controls position of applet in a browser
b)controls layout of controls in an applet
c)controls background colour of an  applet
(d)Write a simple event program for moving a character (say ‘x’) from left boarder to right border and 
again from right to left boarder.[3]
(c) Explain in brief how you will use choice and scrollbar controls in JAVA programming.[2]
Q-5 (a) Answer the following (any four)[4]
1.What is an interface?
2.What is a Byte code?
3.Explain the thread synchronization in JAVA.
4.What is meant by applet context object?
(b)Write a simple applet which shows textfield, Button and List. Whenever a user enters a text in the 
Textfield and processes button (OK) the text should be added in to the List. [4]

Q-6 Write short notes on any three of the following:[9]
1.ARP and Transparent routers
2.Telnet protocol
3.FTP features and user’s view
4.Core routers 
5.Subnetting and Supernetting
6.Echo server and time date server


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Networking Technologies - 2 university paper - 2 of year 1998 is from India.
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