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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper - 2 of year 2000

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: OOAD     Views: 3183

Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper - 2 of year 2000

Q.1(A)Explain Any 3 with sample case :
1.Event Trace
2.State Diagram
3.Work around
(B)Draw the class diagram for library system of issuing the books for students and staff in an educational system.[3]
Q.2(A)How does an object-oriented approach differs from the procedural approach?[3]
(B)E-commerce application, a buyer has to purchase item from internet and he has to supply the customer info(his own details), credit card info(company, no, type, limit Rs) and product detail. Build the scenario in online purchase for purchasing the following product description – 
productid, product details, product-unit, product-price, product-quantity.[5]
Q.2Draw the class dia, object dia and event-chain for following requirements. 
" A user can draw 2D or 3D primitives such as line, rectangle, circle, sphere, cylinder with necessary parameters being supplied graphically or parameters by dragging implicitly based on cursor position. 
A user can be given three choices for a draw either from right side menu or toolbars
 or bottom command prompt. Work area(draw area) should be in center." 
Design classes and object model with suitable attributes.
Q.3Attempt any two.[8]
(1)Dynamic modeling and significance of events in that.
(3)Define the following terms.
(a) sheet (b) OOA (c) OOD (d) Role (e) Entity (f) Method (g) Class of class (h) state of an object
Q.4(a)Define the following terms.
(a) ORB (b) BOA (c) CROBA IDL (d) POST request (e) HTTP (f) RMI naming service (g) Remote interface (h) OSAgent in CORBA[4]
(b)Write a simple Visigenic CORBA-IDL definition for adding a two numbers with add method, and setting two numbers and write a simple CORBA server program code for exporting the CORBA object ready for use by CORBA clients.[5]
Q.5(a)Differentiate the CORBA services and CORBA facilities at lease in four different aspects.[4]
(b)Explain following services. 
(1) Event Service (2) Trader service 
(3) Time service (4) Externalization service[4]
Q.5(a)Compare the servlet and CGI for server side code execution performance wise.[4]
(b)Explain the HTTP request and HTTP response format with sample end-to-end client server scenario.[4]
Q.6Attempt any two.[8]
(1)Explain javax.servlet core interfaces and classes in brief ( take a sample case study)
(2)Explain the general RMI development process.
(3)Compare RMI-over-IIOP.
(4)CORBA dynamic invocation process


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper - 2 of year 2000 is from India.
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