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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper - 2 of year 2005

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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper - 2 of year 2005.


1  Attempt the following.(9)

1. Under what circumstances a CORB deployment is necessary in an organization? Discuss with example.
2. Discuss the ways in which the session management is done in HTTP/CGI.
3. What is a socket? How is it useful in a distributed object based environment?

2  Attempt the following.(8)

1. Discuss the architecture of Remote Method Invocation(RMI) environment stating the interaction among components like stubs, skeletons, registry and the process of marshaling and unmarshaling.
2. A customized 4-in-1 (Copier, Printer, Scanner, Fax) device is installed at a multinational organization’s branch office. The manger decides to use to use it in RMI based LAN environment. Discuss an appropriate architecture assuming the device provides a programmable java interface.


2Attempt the following.(8)
1. Describe the interaction between a client web browser, HTTP server, Servlet container and Servlet.
2. What is the role of Portable Object Adapter and naming service in CORBA development?
3  Attempt any two.(8)
1. What is homomorphism? Generalize homomorphism with the help of at least two distinct examples.
2. What is accidental multiple inheritance? Why is it undesirable? What is the workaround for accidental multiple inheritance?
3. Distinguish between object modeling, dynamic modeling and functional modeling that OMT(Object Modeling Technique) methodology uses to describe a system.


4  Attempt the following.(9)
1.Briefly describe the characteristics of the UML that make it the most versatile contemporary modeling language.
2.Briefly discuss the extensibility feature of UML.
3.List and explain the use of static diagrams available with the UML.
5Prepare an object diagram using the following object classes : automobile, engine, wheel, brake, brake-light, door, battery, tail-pipe, chasis. Include associations, aggregation and generalization. Use qualified associations and show multiplicity balls in your diagrams. You do not need to show attributes or operations. Use association names where needed. As you prepare the diagram, you may add additional object classes.(8)


5  A simple digital watch has a display and two buttons to set it, the A button and the B button. The watch has two modes of operation, display time and set time. In the display time mode, hours and minutes are displayed, separated by a flashing colon.  The set time mode has two sub mode, set hours and set minutes. The A button is used to select modes. Each time it is pressed, the mode advances in the sequence : display, set hours, set minutes, display etc. within the submode, the B button to advance the hours or minutes once each time it is presses. Buttons must be released before they can generate any event. Prepare a state diagram for the watch.(8)
6  Attempt any two.(8)
1.Create a use case diagram for an electronic library system. Various entities associated are : administrators, librarians, query users, members etc. use generalization wherever necessary.
2.What is reverse engineering? How does UML help in reverse engineering?
3.Describe forking, joining, and swimlanes with respect to activity diagrams with appropriate example.


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper - 2 of year 2005 is from India.
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