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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper of year 2001

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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper of year 2001.

Q.1(A)Write an object oriented design and modeling for Banking application specifications given as below. 

(1)support for opening and closing the account 
(2)debit and credit 
(3)list of all accounts 
(4)query an account by account number7
(B)Define the following. 
(1) role (2) sheet (3) module (4) qualifier (5) patterns (6) link6
Q.2Develop the class diagram and object diagram of Library Management System, which supports the issue of books and periodicals to student and staff, and also show two types of associations.4


Q.2Distinguish the functional modeling from static object modeling.4
Q.3Attempt any two.[8]

(1)Draw the scenario of examination process along with object's message communication between the objects involved in examination process.
(2)Draw the state diagram for Elevator system.
(3)Define the various type of events along with sample examples.

Q.4(a)Differentiate between 2 tier client/server and 3 tier client/server object style.[4]
(b)How a typical web based client interacts with its server on the object web.[5]
Q.5(a)Write a sample IDL for counting the number and develop CORBA server for the implementing IDL.[4]
(b)Develop RMI client for displaying the real and imaginary number from the result computed by the complex RMI server.[4]


Q.5(a)Differentiate the generic servlet and HTTP servlet. Show the ContentType setting from the server side of the browser.[4]
(b)Explain the servletconfig and servletcontext object.[4]
Q.6Attempt any two.[8]
(1)Compare the CGI programming with servlet programming.
(2)Explain the anatomy of the business object in CORBA.
(3)Discuss the various classes and interfaces generated by idl2java compiler.
(4)CORBA dynamic invocation process


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper of year 2001 is from India.
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