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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper - 2 of year 1999

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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper - 2 of year 1999

Section I

Q-1 (a) How does scenario building is significant for dynamic modeling. What are relationship with events. Give a case for preparing scenario for going to top floor of lift.                                                        [6]
(b) Draw the data-flow diagram for motor analysis.                        [3]

Q-2  (a) Prepare a portion of an object diagram for a library book checkout system that shows the data a book is due and the late charges for an overdue book as derived objects.                                                  [5]
(b) Define following: (i) Workarounds (ii) Metadata (iii) Patterns        [3]
Q-2  (a) Prepare the class diagram and instance diagram for polygon consisting of FOUR points.                                                [4]
(b) Define following:                                                     [4]
     (i) State (ii) Event Trace (iii) Sheet (iv) Abstract class

Q-3 Attempt any Two:                                                      [8]
(a) Prepare a list of objects that you would expect each of the following systems to handle:
(i) a program for lying out a newspaper
(ii) a telephone answering machine
(b) Discuss what the objects in each of the following lists have in common:
(i) Telescope, bomb, sighe, binoculars
(ii) Pipe, check valve, filter, pressure gauge
(iii) Bicycle, car, truck, airplane, motorcycle, horse
(iv) Nail, screw, bolt, rivet
(c) Explain the various phases of OMT methodology.

Section II

Q-4 (a) Discuss similarities and differences between data in storage and data in motion. Also give various kinds of common architectural frameworks.   [5]
(b) Show the generalization as extension and restriction.                [4]

Q-5 (a) Compare the aggregation versus association.                      [4]
(b) Draw & explain state diagram of car transmission with generalization. [4]
Q-5 (a) Compare functional and dynamic model for any of case study.       [4]
(b) For following systems, identify the relative importance of the three aspects of modeling: (i) Object modeling (ii) dynamic modeling (iii) Functional modeling:                                                      [4]
(a) Electronic typewriter
(b) Spell Checker

Q-6 Attempt on any two:                                                   [8]
(a) Explain the various aspects of system design.
(b) Impact of an object oriented approach.
(c) Event generalization


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper - 2 of year 1999 is from India.
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