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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper - 1 of year 2002

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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper - 1 of year 2002.


Q-1 a) Discuss the Generalization as Extension and Restriction, Explain the Overriding for Extension and 
Restriction with Example case study.           [4]
        b) Categorize following relations aggregation, or association with proper cardinality role and qualifier.                       [5]
i)Continent has countries
ii)A file is ordinary file or directory file or device file
iii)        File contain records
iv)       Document contain paragraph, paragraph contain words
v)        A Teacher teaches the subject a teacher can teach more one subjects
vi)       A PC can be attached to peripherals


       b) A Customer can give a order to any Distributor for purchasing the set of product. A Order can contain the 
Customer information, date of delivery information, product Hue information, and price to be selected for 
the product containing the discount or not in the product master file. Write a scenario for order 
entry process.                                                      [5]

Q-2 a) Define tire Modeling. How does UML is used for Requirement study. What is the significance of Use case 
in Modeling? Write sample use case for the issuing the book to student by librarian                      [4]
      b) Draw the sequence diagram for issuing the book to student by librarian along with the classes which are 
used in library system                             [4]


Q-2 Discuss various UML diagrams for any one of following case study   [8]
(i)       FAS                   
(ii)      ACRES     
(iii)     ACPAYS  

Q-3   Attempt on ANY TWO                               [8]
(i)      How does the UML helps in Visualization and Specifying?
(ii)      How does mate and Events are correlated?, take case and explain it
(iii)Differentiate the Object model, dynamic model and functional mode and compare them.
(iv) Explain the Event trace for phone call     


Q-4  a) Discuss the Java to IDL standard. How does IDLization give platform independence.     [4]
        b) Write a procedure for generating standard CORBA Server Object and explain the various standard Java 
Classes generated during the CORBA program.[5]

Q-5 a) Explain the various CORBA services.[3]
 b) Write a RMI Object for Student data entry method for student as RMI object containing the student's no, 
name, marks details. And give a syntax for accessing the Student RMI object                                [5]


Q-5 a) Explain the Servlet API for generic servlet and Http Servlet.[4]
     b) What is the signification of ServletConfig and ServletContext.[4]      

Q-6 Attempt On ANY TWO :                           [8] 
1.Explain Socket ? and Discuss Java Sockets 101 and Berkeley Socket 101
2.Draw the Client/server Scenario for HTTP Post data entry and Explain how HTML's form data are 
Processed  by POST method.
3.Explain the RMI’s Dynamic stub loading.
4.Explain the CORBA naming service.
5.Explain the CORBA facilities.


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods university paper - 1 of year 2002 is from India.
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