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MS Office
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State whether true or false. Give the reasons for your answer.

a. Workbook can have minimum of 16 worksheets in Excel. no
b. It is possible to remove the gridlines in a worksheet. yes
c. Now () + 56 is a valid statement. No
d. It is not possible to copy the format from one cell to another cell in Excel. no
Posted By:Shruti Sharma      Posted On: Jan 20

C++ Programming
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Write an algorithm for Deleting a Node using Singly Linked List in dfs (data file structure).

[Where ‘head’ pointer has been caught in pointer ‘T’ & the value in ‘key’]

1. [Checking for deletion of first node and deleting]

if (DATA(T) == KEY)
P <-- T
T <-- LINK (T)
return (...
Posted By:Lurline Fischer      Posted On: Dec 12

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What is the difference between == and object.Equals?

For value types, == and Equals() usually compare two objects by value. For example:

int x = 10;
int y = 10;
Console.WriteLine( x == y );
Console.WriteLine( x.Equals(y) );
will display:

However things are ...
Posted By:Geb Chalthoum       Posted On: Oct 05

MS Office
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What is the use of macro? How do we create macro in Excel?

Macro is set of instruction which are stored in Visual Basic module which will make excel to perform commands and actions for you by running them. Excel can repeat a task at any time by using macro. It allows to perform repetitive and complex tasks...
Posted By:Shruti Sharma      Posted On: Jan 20

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From which two sources can you generate SQL scripts?

You can generate SQL scripts from database tables and the data dictionary.
Posted By:Shruti Sharma      Posted On: Dec 21

C++ Programming
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Identify all the members of the following class xyz:

Identify all the members of the following class xyz:

class xyz
int x,y;
void calc(int a, int b);
void output_calc(void);


a) Data members x and y
b) Data members x and y, Constructor, and member functions c...
Posted By:Brand Fischer      Posted On: Jun 16

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