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Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper of year 1999

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: OOAD     Views: 3435

Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper of year 1999.

Section I

Q-1 (A) Define following terms:                                           [5]
     (a) OMG     (b) CORBA     (c) ORB     (e) Event trace
(B) Explain the various object types along with a sample example.         [4]

Q-2 (A) Explain the Generalization and specialization.                    [3]
(B) System can often be built out of existing objects, this leads degree of reusability. Justify the statement with suitable case study.              [5]


Q-2 (A) Distinguish between the association and aggregation               [3]
(B) Explain the following:                                                [6]
(a) pattern(b) metadata(c) class of class
(d) template(e) role

Q-3 (A) In object oriented analysis show the importance of multiple inheritance and Explain the inheritance of any of the object model.      [4]
(B) Take any Graphics case study of automobile case study and show the Object diagram and class diagram.                                               [4]


Q-3 Explain the Dynamic modeling and show the event trace and time behaviour of the model. Show how it is different from static object modeling. Take case
study of Elevator System.                                                [8]

Section II

Q-4 (A) Explain the various steps of Object oriented design.             [5]
(B) Explain the differences how OOP helps in solving the problem rather than the procedural approach.                                                 [4]

Q-5 (A) What are the characteristics of OO languages. How does the OO modeling different from SRS.                                             [4]
(B) What are the rules associated with event diagrams?                   [4]

Q-6 Attempt any TWO:                                                     [8]
1. ternary association
2. encapsulation and information hiding
3. abstraction
4. messages in OO


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Object Oriented Analysis & Design Methods University paper of year 1999 is from India.
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