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System Analysis & Design university paper of year 2001

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System Analysis & Design university paper of year 2001.

Section I

Q-1 Gujarat University wants to computerize Admission and examination Result System processing system. 
Explain the steps of system development life cycle method with reference to this system.[9]

Q-2Draw complete Analysis Diagram and first-level Data Flow Diagram for an Inventory Management 
System for a manufacturing company. [8]


Q-2Write short notes on:[8]
1.Describe the advantages of Prototype Model. List the tools required to develop a prototype.
2.Explain following term:
1. Control Break2. Pop-up windows
3. Burst4. Turnaround document

Q-3Describe layouts of any four reports for a financial accounting system.[8]


Q-3 a)Explain following terms:[8]
1.CASE tools
2.Data Dictionary
        b)  List down various data coding methods and explain check digit system with proper example.

Section II

Q-4Explain following terms briefly:[8]
4.Cohesion and coupling

Q-5Write short notes on:[8]
1.Levels of System Testing
2.Criteria to select computer software


Q-5List down various data models and explain relational data model in detail.[8]

Q-6Write short notes on (any three)[9]
1.User Training
2.System Audit
3.Data Validation
4.System Conversion
5.Software Quality Assurance
6.Software Estimation Methods

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