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System Analysis & Design university paper of year 2000

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System Analysis & Design university paper of year 2000.

Section I

Q-1 Describe various steps involved to develop software for any business application with proper examples.

Q-2 Draw complete context Analysis Diagram and first-level Data flow Diagram for an inventory for a trading 
       organization. Consider following aspects of an inventory system.[8]
-Inquiry raised by company to several vendors for finished items
-Quota tons received from vendors against these inquires
-Purchase order generated by trading organization and sent to concerned vendor.
-Receipt of delivery challan, invoice and physical goods against the purchase order 
-Updation of inventory.


Q-2  Write short notes on:
a)Use of Prototype approach in software development
b)Computer aided software engineering and CASE tools.

Q-3  Describe various output method. Explain the process of design of printed output with relevant examples.

Q-3 a) Which points system analyst should consider while designing input form?[8]
       b) Write short notes on data coding methods

Section II

Q-4 Describe various criteria to be considered while selecting computer hardware and software for a [9]
       manufacturing company having offices and production plants a multiple locations all over the country.

Q-5 Write short notes on[8]
a)System conversion methods
b)Data validation methods


Q-5 Explain software design principles in details.[8]

Q-6 Describe software development estimation methods.[8]


Q-6 Write short notes on
a)Software testing
b)Fact finding methods

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