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System Analysis & Design university paper of year 2002

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System Analysis & Design university paper of year 2002.


Q-1.  Draw the decision table, Identify conditions, action and its solution for the following example.            [9]                                    
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Q-2.  What are different approaches to development of computer information system? Explain in details with 
appropriate example.             [8]


Q-2 What is data dictionary? Why is it important in system analysis and design?

Q-3.   What are different CASE tools? Explain in detail the use of tools.   [8]


Q-3    Explain following terms (Any four)
1.DFD (Data flow diagram)
2.Logical design
3.Pop-Up windows
4.Check digits
6.Decision Tree

Section II

Q-4 a) Describe the PERT? What are components of PERT?[9]
       b) The following table lists the major activities in the system design project, Identifies the following steps and 
find critical path and duration.
ActivitiesDuration(Weeks)Preceding Activities
A. Order Computing Platform           8                -
B. Prepare Site               12                -
C. Review Specification              5                 B
D. Install Equipment                             12                 A,C
E. Test Hardware                        8                   D
F. Training                             8                   E
G. Write Program                    12               D
H. Test Program               5                E
I. Test Software                                              12                              G,H
J. Convert System                          10                      I
K. Implement                       8                    I,F
L. Accept               5              J,K

Q-5  Discuss the six special system tests? Explain the purpose of each with example.                                       [8]


Q-5Explain the Principals of Software Design (Modularity & partitioning, Coupling, Cohesion, Span of Control, 
Size, Shared Use ) Explain each.

Q-6Explain the concept of data Model? What data models are use in Management systems?                             [8]


Q-6Explain following terms (Any four)
a).   Hashing
b).    Schema & Subschema
c).   Control brake                             
d)   Ergonomics
e)    Coding Methods.


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