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System Analysis & Design university paper of year 1999

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: System Analysis & Design     Views: 3191

System Analysis & Design university paper of year 1999.


Q-1 Attempt the following :                                                           [10]
 (a) Briefly explain the characteristics of various system development strategies.
 (b) Describe various computer output methods. Explain any one of them in detail using proper example.
             (c) Which objectives system analyst must consider while designing information system.    

Q-2 Attempt any two:           [8]
(a) Draw context analysis diagram and first-level data flow diagram of any application you are familiar 
(b) Define the term Computer Aided Software Engineering. Describe the types and advantages of CASE 
(c) Write short note: (I) Fact finding methods (2) Decision table.

Q-3  Attempt any two :                                                                 [7]
(a) What is prototype ? Describe steps involved in developing prototype.
   (b) Discuss the difference between System Life Cycle Method and Structured Systems Analysis and 
      Design methods.    .                    
(c) Write short note : (1) Role of System Analyst (2) User Training.      .


Q-4  Attempt the following:                                                        [10](a) Which objectives analyst should consider while designing input forms.
(b) Discuss various criteria to select computer software.
(c) Explain principles of software design.

Q-5  Attempt any two :                                                   [8]
(a)  Describe various dialogue design strategies with proper examples.
(b) Explain data validation methods.                 
(c) Write short note: (1) Estimation using function points (2) ERT chart.

Q-6  Attempt any two:                                            [7]
(a) Explain System conversion methods.         
(b)  Explain software testing methods.                              
(c) Write short note : (1) Role of Steering committee (2) Data coding methods.


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Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of System Analysis & Design university paper of year 1999 is from India.
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