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Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems university paper - 1 of year 1999

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: Artificial Intelligence     Views: 7886

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems university paper - 1 of year 1999.

Section I

Q-1 Describe how problems are defined as state space search problems. Using water jug problem as an 
example, explain the following:[9]
(a) production system(b) production rules
(c ) conditions for good control strategy(d) a solution path

Q-2 Describe Heuristic search technique giving an example of a heuristic function. Describe constraint 
satisfaction algorithm and use this algorithm to solve the following problem:[8]
         + MORE
Where the letters represent unique numerical digits such that the summation of numbers must hold.

Q-3Explain Predicate Logic and show how it can be used to carry out resolution. Write wff (well formed 
formulae) for  the following sentences :
1.   Every heavenly object worth discussing is a star, a planet or a comet.
2.   Venus is a heavenly object, which is not a star.
3.   Comets near the sun have tails.
4.   Venus is near the sun but does not have a tail.
Convert these wff into clause from (if required) mentioning the rules to do so. Add one more obvious fact 
such that all the facts can be used  to imply the conclusion : “Venus is a planet.”

Q-4 Describe perception model in detail mentioning the scope of application. Shoe, how learning is modeled in 
the perception model? Draw the diagram of a multilayer perception that solves exclusive Or (XOR) 
problem by explaining its functioning.[8]

Section II

Q-5 Write short notes on any three of the following:[9]
a)Steps that are used in Natural Language Processing Analysis
b)Turing test
c)Various user categories of an expert system
d)Partitioned semantic Nets

Q-6 What is the structure of a turbo Prolog program? Mention the following of PROLOG programming giving example for each:[8]
a)Backtracking and rewinding
b)How a typical knowledge base is constructed? (say in a Medical diagnosis system)
c)Tail recursion and its advantages
d)Cut Mechanism

Q-7Explain, how a loop can be constructed in PROLOG. Use  this construct to display integer numbers from 
1 to a given number N ( to be input from the user). However when a number is divisible by 3 or 5, display 
“DIV 3” or “DIV 5” as the case may be, next to the number (Display both messages if the number 
divisible by both 3 and 5).[8]

Q-8 Write turbo prolog programs for:
a)Concatenation of two lists and use it to reverse a given list
b)Generating all sublists of a given list
c)Counting how many times an atom occurs in a list
d)Finding greatest number in a list of numbers list


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems university paper - 1 of year 1999 is from India.
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