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Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems university paper - 1 of year 1997

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: OOAD     Views: 4019

Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems university paper - 1 of year 1997.

Q-1 Attempt any two:
1.Describe the MINIMAX algorithm giving an example.
2.Describe the architecture of an expert system giving block diagram and describing it.
3.What are different steps in Natural Language Understanding.

Q-2 Attempt any two:
1. How are facts stored and removed from a dynamic database in RPOLOG.
2. Define Last_element recurison predicate in PROLOG which can give the last_element of a list.
Describe how “repeat” predicate works giving examples for its use.

Q-3 Write short notes on any two:
2.Hopfield Network
3.Various user categories of an expert system

Q-4  Attempt any three:
1.Show similarity between the perception model and the biological model.
2.Give an example of by a complete program from its past performance.
3.Describe “knowledge base” of an expert system and how it is represented.
4.Mention the programming languages available for expert system development, describing them briefly.

Q-5 Write a PROLOG program for the following:
Collect information about 100 students as follows:
Print details of students in following different categories of age group:
15 years and below
16 to 18 years
19 to 21 years
22 years and above


Assume that a given PROLOG program , following family relationship are defined:
parent (Parent, Child)
Sex(Peerson, Sex)
Brother_or_sister (Person1, Person2)
Use above relationships to define the following new relationships:
mother (Mother, Child)
son (Son, Parent)
uncle (Uncle, Niece)
And then set up following queries:
All grandfathers of Manoj’s niece.
All sisters of Raju
All grand sons and grand daughter of Tushar

Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems university paper - 1 of year 1997 is from India.
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Ram Saran from India Comment on: Apr 29
Amazing help to Artificial Intelligence and Expert Systems.
Thanks for sharing

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