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Artificial Intelligence sessional paper of year 2003

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: Artificial Intelligence     Views: 3871

Artificial Intelligence sessional paper of year 2003

Q1. Explain following terms (any 10)                                             10

1.Physical symbol system hypothesis
2.The control strategy
3.A ridge in hill climbing
4.Frame problem
5.Agenda in agenda driven system
6.Annealing schedule
9.Ultra fuzzy sets
10.Intersection search
11.Single valued attribute for a slot
12.Tangled hierarchy

Q2. Solve following.                                                                                   15

1.Consider following facts. Convert them into predicate logic. Prove that john like peanuts.

a.John likes all kinds of food
b.Apples are food
c.Chicken is food
d.Anything anyone eats and not killed by is food
e.Bill eats peanuts and still alive

2.Write a complete prolog program for reading information about 10 students containing name, address, list of subjects and marks and then display their names in merit of their total marks.
3.Devise a complete frame system for a set of classes, student, mca-student, gls-student, gls-mca-student. Show the use of multiple inheritance chain. Also show the use of default values and defined values. 


Q2. Devise a state space for the following problem. Show clearly initial and final states. Also show the state space. Write generalized set of rules for movement. Following is the problem space where the user starts from the position marked as X. the path is shown as an arrow. Dice(Value) will return the value of dice. The user moves to position Value more than the current position when Value is returned from Dice. When user reaches at the center place marked as C, he has won. There are two players. If one user has occupied position P and another user, after dice is placed also placed on P then the first user have to vacate that place and have to start all over again. 


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Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Artificial Intelligence sessional paper of year 2003 is from India.
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