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Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper of year 2003

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Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper of year 2003

Section I
Q1. Explain following in brief. (Any five)                                               (10)
1.What is the meaning of IP Classful addresses where 
a.all bits are zeros
b.all bits are ones
c.complete host-id portion is zeroed out
2.What is the significance of ICMP messages
a.“parameter problem”
b.“source quench”
c.“time exceeded”
3.Why hosts
a.Should not route the datagrams not destined for them
b.Should have minimal routing information
c.Should route with IP addresses rather then physical addresses
4.Why Anonymous P to P networks
a.Do not have IP addresses?
b.Have values other then zero in the next hop field?
c.Are used at all?
5.Why for classless routing
a.Hashing is not used?
b.Longest match paradigm is used?
c.Binary trie structures are most suitable?
6.Why UDP
a.Is considered connectionless but not the same as IP
b.Use multiplexing
c.Uses port numbers and not process ids
7.Why TCP
a.Does use connection as an abstraction
b.Uses window advertisement
c.Does not now use tail drop.

Q2. Write whether following is true or false. Write the reason for your answer. Answers without proper reasons are not subject to marks. (Any 5)                                  (5)

1.Out of band data in TCP queue forces TCP to send the data immediately
2.Routing in presence of subnets is different then normal routing
3.Router solicitation ICMP message is for routers to find out which are routers attached to your network
4.IP accepted next hop routing because it is simplest form of routing.
5.The importance of protocol field in IP header is to find out the protocol on the other side to accept the data of the IP packet in consideration.
6.The IP address is bound to the network the computer is attached to.
7.Refinements to ARP improves its performance

Section II
Q3. Do following as per instruction.                                        (5)

1.Explain Life Cycle of Applet
2.Give Example of Inner class. Access same named variables within the inner class.
3. Differentiate : TCP Socket and UDP Socket
4. Write a multithreaded java program that prints 1,2...1000 with 5 threads running simultaneously.
5. Explain Collections in Java


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Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Networking Technology - 2 sessional paper of year 2003 is from India.
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