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Networking Technologies - 2 university paper - 2 of year 1999

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: Networking     Views: 4452

Networking Technologies - 2 university paper - 2 of year 1999.

Section I

Q-1 Answer the following (any nine)[9]
i)Explain the concept of connectionless packet delivery service with example.
ii)Give the properties of an Ethernet.
iii)What do you mean by subnetting and supernetting?
iv)Give the difference between Bridge, Router and Gateway.
v)What is Proxy ARP?
vi)What is TCP port? Give any four reserved port numbers.
vii)What do you mean by silly window syndrome?
viii)What is IP multicasting?
ix)Explain the three primary classes of IP addresses and give special address.
x)Give the properties of an FDDI network.

Q-2 (a) Explain the format of TCP segment header with illustration. How connection is established and released in 
       (b) What is ICMP? Describe various types of ICMP messages in brief.[3]
Q-2 (a) Explain the format of IP datagram with illustration. Explain in detail the IP options field and fragmentation 
control fields.[5]
       (b) Explain the use of BOOTP and DHCP with illustration.[3]

Q-3 (a) Give the importance of firewalls. Also explain how to implement it.[3]
       (b) Give the advantages of open SPF (OSPF) protocol. What is HELLO protocol?[3]
       (c) Explain vector distance routing with illustration.[2]
Q-3 (a) Explain the DNS for TCP/IP Internet. Clearly explaining mapping of Domain names to Addresses. How 
domain name resolution can be made efficient?[4]
       (b) Explain the usefulness of EGP. Also describe in brief various messages used in EGP.[3]
       (c) Give the properties of TCP/IP reliable delivery service.[1]

Section II

Q-4 (a) Explain the following sentences with reasons:[4]
1.JAVA applet is untrusted code.
2.JAVA is 100% object oriented
3.JAVA Exception handling makes JAVA code more reliable
4.Garbase collector degrades the performance.
        (b) Explain following modifiers: final, private protected, protected[3]
        (c) Explain how JAVA is platform independent.

Q-5 (a) Write a JAVA class to represent Bank account which allows you to perform show balance, credit and debit 
operations on given account identified by unique account-id. Use it in a main() to show its working.[4]
       (b) Explain how JAVA handles various events through its event delegad model. Give at least one example.[4]
Q-5 (a) Write a JAVA applet which will receive a string and show its reverse.[3]
       (b) Explain following with examples: (i) Threading(ii) Exception handling[5]

Q-6 Write short notes on any four of the following:[8]
(i) ARP(iii) Rlogin(v) TFTP
(ii) UDP(iv) SNMP(vi) MIME


Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Networking Technologies - 2 university paper - 2 of year 1999 is from India.
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