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Networking Technology - 2 sessional - 2 paper of year 2001

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Networking Technology - 2 sessional - 2 paper of year 2001


Q1. Explain Following terms. Any Nine.    (9)
1.Silly window syndrome
2.Unstructured stream in TCP
3.Dynamic Configuration with respect to DHCP
4.Authoritative answer
5.Inverse mapping in DNS
6.IAC-IP sequence in telnet
7.Line mode in telnet
8.Sorcerer’s apprentice bug
10.Multiple Internet Mail Extension
11.Security policy

Q2. Answer, why or why not, the following? (Any 11)                    (11)
1.The variance in RTT is so important; it is given special treatment in later implementations of TCP.
2.Because RARP may fail to work at times, BOOTP and DHCP were needed
3.BOOTP reply needs to be broadcasted if the source network uses ARP
4.Three lease renewal states are provided with DHCP
5.DHCP does not add new fixed length fields to BOOTP format
6.Flat namespace is not used for internet naming
7.A given name may map to more than one object in the domain system
8.The pseudo terminal driver is must for remote login facility
9.Large no of context switches required when user sends a single character using a remote login facility to a server
10.Client and server using telnet, can talk in a very efficient manner either both of them are well equipped with latest features or when both of them are not
11.FTP needs two TCP connections because if one fails, on the other data transfer may continue.
12.The server decides about the data port of the client in FTP
13.Humans are usually most susceptible point in any security scheme
14.When multiple external sites connect through a single firewall, an architecture that has a router per external connection can prevent problems


a)Answer the following (Any 3). 
i.Life cycle of thread. 
ii.What is applet? What are the pros and cons of using applet? What happens when you load an applet and then press the refresh button of browser? Which methods are activated?
iii.What is package? Create a sample package for a class. How this package can be used in your programs?
iv.Explain: Finalize method and Garbage Collection in Java 
v.Discuss: Java is both compiled and interpreted(9)
b) Write an applet, which accepts two integers and shows the sum of all the numbers between them.
Write a program to define and use the method convertFromStringToInt() in Java. It is the method, which has one argument, which is string. It converts and returns its int value. This method can generate a NullPointerException if the string is null, or a NumberFormatException if the string is formatted incorrectly. Use throws, try and catch clauses.(5)
c) Write a java client-server program using socket programming for area and circumference calculation of a circle. The client sends a request to the server with value of radius. Server will respond with area and circumference results as a string (ex. “For Radius=2, the Area=12.56 and Circumference=12.56”), which will be displayed on client machine. Hint: Define a constant/variable with value=3.14. (5)


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Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Networking Technology - 2 sessional - 2 paper of year 2001 is from India.
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