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Artificial Intelligence sessional paper of year 2004

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: Artificial Intelligence     Views: 4061

Artificial Intelligence sessional paper of year 2004

Q1. Solve any four (10)

1.Write generalized production rules for farmer-fox-chicken-grain problem. Only two rules are to be written. One for moving from left to right and other for moving from right to left. Also write the state space, initial state and final states.

2.Write following programs
a.Write a prolog program to print numbers from 10 to 20 on the screen.
b.Write a prolog program to include relations father, brother and sister. Provide rules for uncle, aunt and grandfather.

3.Assume following facts. Generate predicate logic representation for the same. Prove that Marcus is dead now.
a.Marcus was man
b.Marcus was Pompeian
c.Marcus was born in 40 A.D.
d.No mortal lives longer then 150 years.
e.It is now 2004.

4.Take up any problem like traveling salesman and show how that can be solved using Hopfield network.

5.The rule is given as “More dirty clothes or heavier clothes are to be rinsed more”
a.The measured dirtiness is found to be 7 (min 0 and max 10)
b.The measured heaviness is found to be 6 (min 0 and max 10)
c.The graph of rinsing says that the fuzzy value is n then the rinsing is to be done for n minutes.
Show how fuzzy logic is applied to find out the solution of this problem.

Q2. Explain following terms with appropriate examples. Any fifteen (15)
1.Frame Problem
3.Parallel relaxation
5.Activation function
6.OR graph
8.A non-decomposable problem
9.The temperature in Simulated Annealing
10.The Physical Symbol System Hypothesis
11.Control Strategies
13.Ultra-fuzzy Sets
14.A conditional proof justification
15.Non monotonic reasoning
16.difference in P(Bi/E) and P(E/Bi) in bay’s theorem
17.Steepest assent hill climbing


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Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Artificial Intelligence sessional paper of year 2004 is from India.
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