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Artificial Intelligence sessional paper - 2 of year 2002

Posted By: Milind Mishra     Category: Artificial Intelligence     Views: 3419

Artificial Intelligence sessional paper - 2 of year 2002

Write a prolog program to read information about people who are members of our marriage bureau. Take all information about hobbies of them and store that in a list. The name, age, address are to be stored in fields of respective type. Provide an option for displaying all pairs of them if any two of their hobbies match and their age difference is not more than five years. Provide an option for a single person to look for match. More hobbies match will be a closer match and less difference in age will also lead to a closer match. For a person, list all matches with decreasing degree of match.

Q2.Write true or false with reason. (Any 10) (20)

1.Secondary Search helps in getting read of horizon effect.
2.Book moves are specific moves.
3.Iterative deepening is a wasteful process compared to Minimax Search algorithm.
4.Samuel’s Checker’s program eventually beaten the creator.
5.Cut is a built in predicate useful in stopping the execution of the program when we want.
6.N = N +1 is not allowed in prolog.
7.Tail recursive predicate will save the stack being overflowed.
8.String is different then symbol.
9.Semantic nets and Frames are weaker structures
10.Intersection search helps finding out relations between different entities
11.Tangled hierarchies create problems when multiple-inheritance takes place.
12.Default and definition values are same for a slot.
13.A class as an instance of some other class and also as a class of some other entities is possible.

Q3. Do following. (Any One) (10)

1.Following is a game tree with maximizing player in the beginning. Show clearly which move it should make and why. Show how and when alpha and beta cutoffs can be applied to this game tree.  

2.Design a frame system for GLS. Define minimum 5 frames. Show type of slots useful here. Show clearly following.
a.Defined and default values 
b.Range Constraints
c.Isa and Instance links 
d.Other links for inheritance (Other then isa or instance)
e.Single and mutivalued slots


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Milind Mishra
Milind Mishra author of Artificial Intelligence sessional paper - 2 of year 2002 is from India.
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