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Neural Networks

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What is Neural Networks? Applications of Neural Networks and History of Neural Networks.

What is Neural Networks?

Introduction to Brain
  • Made up of very large number of simple processing elements
  • 10^11 neurons and 10^15  dynamic interconnections among them..
  • Excellent fault tolerance.
  • Highly parallel processing
  • Capacity to deal with vague environment.
  • Very good at pattern matching.
  • Good at solving ill defined problems particularly perception related ones 
  • Highly parallel and distributed control
  • Content Addressability
  • No loss of information while neurons are constantly dying
  • It learns through examples
  • Only important information is kept on-line
  • Being perfect by practice
  • Can apply previous Knowledge to solve newer but slightly different problems
Neural networks, what are they and why they are to be studied
  • Realization of mathematical model of brain in programming
  • Different models hence different NNs
  • They are applicable to problems earlier not possible to be solved by computer.
  • They are to brain what airplanes are to birds
Applications of Neural Networks
  • Simulations and Neuro-boards 
  • Vehicular control
  • Battlefield management
  • Speech generation and to some extent understanding.
  • Undersea mine detection
  • Financial Analysis
  • Airport Explosive detection

History of Neural Networks
  • Birth in mid 50.(Perceptron)
  • EXOR Problem made Known by Minskey and Papert.
  • Eclipse of almost two decades
  • Work of Turvo Kohonen, Stephen Grossberg etc.
  • Era of multilayer Perceptrons  and success for Neural Networks. 
Natural Neuron


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