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Native Method

Posted By: Elizabeth Hughes     Category: Java     Views: 7017

This article explains about an abstract method in java with examples.

Native methods are implemented in the machine code used by the host CPU, not using java bytecodes. Native method is used to increase the performance. 

Syntax of Native Method

class clsName
     // Variable declaration
     // Constructor

     // Method
     native rtype mthName(params)
          // Body of method

clsName is a valid identifier in java. It is a class name.
native is a keyword to define that method an abstract method.
rtype is return type of a method.
mthName is a method name and valid java identifier.

Example of Native Method

Example 1 : Program that illustrates the use of native method

public class nativeClass
        public native String displayText(String s);
        public static void main(String[] argv)
              String strValue = null;
              nativeClass nObj = new nativeClass();
              strValue = nObj.displayText("Hello World");
              System.out.println("Text is " + strValue);


Text is Hello World



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Elizabeth Hughes
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