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delete and insert anode at end in doubly link list.

Posted By: GAURAV GANGWAR     Category: C Programming     Views: 30558

hi this the doubly link list program.......to insert and delete at end....

void insert_last(int val);
int del_last();
void show();
void insert();

struct dll
struct dll *prev;
int info;
struct dll *next;

void main()
int choice,val;
char ch;
do{     printf("\t\t***********************MENU*****************\n");
 printf("\t\t1-For insert node at end of doubly link list:\n");
 printf("\t\t2-For delete last node in doubly link list:\n");
 printf("\nEnter choice:");
  case 1:
  printf("\nEnter a no you want to insert:");
  case 2:
  printf("\ndeleted element :%d\n",val);
  printf("now updated list:\n");
printf("you want to continue Y/N..? ");
 void insert()
 {     clrscr();
  printf("Enter node for link list\n");
  temp=(struct dll*)malloc(sizeof (struct dll));

 void insert_last(int val)
  temp=(struct dll*)malloc(sizeof (struct dll));

 int del_last()
  int val;

 void show()



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GAURAV GANGWAR author of delete and insert anode at end in doubly link list. is from Delhi, India. GAURAV GANGWAR says

hello friends happy to help you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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