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Program of bookshop inventory

Posted By: Kuhlbert Schmidt     Category: C Programming     Views: 24088

Write a program of bookshop inventory.

Code for Program of bookshop inventory in C Programming

   #include   <stdio.h>                                             
   #include   <string.h>                                           
   struct  record                                                   
       char    author[20];                                          
       char    title[30];                                           
       float   price;                                               
           char   month[10];                                        
           int    year;                                             
       char   publisher[10];                                        
       int    quantity;                                             
int look_up(struct record table[],char s1[],char s2[],int m);
    void get (charstring [ ] );                                                                    
char title[30], author[20];                                  
int  index, no_of_records; 
char response[10], quantity[10];                             
struct record book[] =  {                             
{"Ritche","C Language",45.00,"May",1977,"PHI",10},           
{"Kochan","Programming in C",75.50,"July",1983,"Hayden",5}, 
      no_of_records = sizeof(book)/ sizeof(struct record);        
        printf("Enter title and author name as per the list\n");  
        printf("\nTitle:    ");                                   
        printf("Author:   ");                                     
        index = look_up(book, title, author, no_of_records);      
        if(index != -1)     /*  Book found  */
{ printf("\n%s %s %.2f %s %d %s\n\n", book[index].author, book[index].title, book[index].price, book[index].date.month, book[index].date.year, book[index].publisher); printf("Enter number of copies:"); get(quantity); if(atoi(quantity) < book[index].quantity) printf("Cost of %d copies = %.2f\n",atoi(quantity), book[index].price * atoi(quantity)); else printf("\nRequired copies not in stock\n\n"); } else printf("\nBook not in list\n\n"); printf("\nDo you want any other book? (YES / NO):"); get(response); } while(response[0] == 'Y' || response[0] == 'y'); printf("\n\nThank you. Good bye!\n"); } void get(charstring [] ) { char c; int i = 0; do { c = getchar(); string[i++] = c; } while(c != '\n'); string[i-1] = '\0'; } int look_up(struct record table[],char s1[],char s2[],int m) { int i; for(i = 0; i < m; i++) if(strcmp(s1, table[i].title) == 0 && strcmp(s2, table[i].author) == 0) return(i); /* book found */
return(-1); /* book not found */
} Output Enter title and author name as per the list Title: BASIC Author: Balagurusamy Balagurusamy BASIC 30.00 January 1984 TMH Enter number of copies:5 Required copies not in stock Do you want any other book? (YES / NO):y Enter title and author name as per the list Title: COBOL Author: Balagurusamy Balagurusamy COBOL 60.00 December 1988 Macmillan Enter number of copies:7 Cost of 7 copies = 420.00 Do you want any other book? (YES / NO):y Enter title and author name as per the list Title: C Programming Author: Ritche Book not in list Do you want any other book? (YES / NO):n Thank you. Good bye!

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Kuhlbert Schmidt
Kuhlbert Schmidt author of Program of bookshop inventory is from Frankfurt, Germany.
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