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Program to overcome forward dependency using block scheduling.

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Write a program to overcome forward dependency using block scheduling (Copy arr[i+1] to arr[i] )

Code for Program to overcome forward dependency using block scheduling. in C Programming

# include <stdio.h>
# include "/usr/include/sys/types.h"
# include "/usr/include/sys/shm.h"
# include "/usr/include/sys/ipc.h"
# include "/usr/include/sys/sem.h"
# include "forkjoin.h"
# include "sharedlib.h"
# include "spinlock.h"
# include "barrier.h"int main()
    // Note that Array Starts from Base 1    int arrSize=9;
    int *arr;
    int arrold[9];            // For Holding boundary Cellsint id;                // Process Identificationint nProc=3;            // Number of Processesint *bararr;            // Barrier Array        int shmidbararr,shmidarr;    // Shmid For Shared Variablesint blocksize = arrSize/nProc;    // Calculating Block Sizeint index,iCount;
    printf("Original Array ...\n");
        arr[iCount]=iCount;        // Assignning Array Values
        printf("arr[%d] : %d\n",iCount,arr[iCount]);
    bararr=(int*)sshared(sizeof(int)* 4,&shmidbararr);
    barrier_init(bararr,nProc); // Initialize Barrier Array
    id=process_fork(nProc); //Forking Process
    arrold[id]=arr[blocksize * (id+1) + 1]; // Copying Boundary Values
    barrier(bararr);    // Calling Barrier
    index=id * blocksize;    // Calculating Start Index for Each Blockfor(iCount=1;iCount<blocksize;iCount++)
        arr[index+iCount]=arr[index + iCount + 1];

    arr[blocksize*(id+1)] = arrold[id];    //Assigning Boundary Values
    process_join(nProc,id);     // Joining Process
    printf("After Copy ...\n");
        printf("arr[%d] = %d\n",iCount,arr[iCount]);
    return 0;

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