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Generation of Pythagorean Triples

Posted By: Simon Tembo     Category: C Programming     Views: 20163

A Pythagorean triple is a set of three integers a, b and c such that a^2+b^2=c^2. Such a triple can be produced from two integers m and n, using the Euclid formula.

To generate a list of Pythagorean triples m could be allowed to take values from its minimum possible value (2) up to some maximum value entered by the user. For each value of n from 1 up to m-1 the corresponding triple could then be evaluated and output. An algorithmic description for this is:

enter and validate a maximum value for m.
for each value of m from 2 to maximum do
    for each value of n from 1 to m-1 do
        evaluate and print a triple.

This description uses a for loop, a looping construct that repeats the loop statement as some control variable takes a sequence of values. Also note that one for loop is nested inside another, this is very common. From this description the following help to develop C program.


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Simon Tembo
Simon Tembo author of Generation of Pythagorean Triples is from Japan.
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