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This article explains about constants with example in C programming.

Constants in C

Integer Constants

  • An integer constant refers to a sequence of digits
  • There are three type of integers Decimal, Octal and Hexadecimal
  • Decimal integers consists of set of digits, preceded by optional + or - sign
  • Embedded spaces, commas, and non digit characters are not allowed

Examples of Integer Constants

 Valid Constants

  Invalid Constants 



 15 750


























Examples of Valid Real Constants








3.18E3--Underline word is Exponent 


-1.2e-1 --Underline word is Mantissa 


Embedded space is not allowed 

Examples of Numeric Constants






 Long integer 



 , not allowed



 Unary + allowed 






 White space NA 






 Exp must be int



 $ not allowed



 Hexadecimal int

Single Character Constants

  • A (single) character constant contains a single character within pair of single quotes
  • ‘5’  ‘X’ ‘;’  ‘ ‘     are examples of character constants
  • Note that ‘5’ is different than 5
  • Character constant have integer values, known as ASCII values
  • Printf (“%d”,’a’); and printf(“%c”,97);

String Constants

  • Is a sequence of characters enclosed in double quotes ex. “Hello!” or “1997”
  • ‘x’ is different than “x”!
  • A character string does not have any ASCII value associated with it
  • Few other examples are “Well Done!” “?..!” “5+3” “!@$”

Backslash Character Constants






 Audible alert


 Vertical tab


 Back space


 Single quote


 Form feed


 Double quote


 New line


 Question mark


 Carriage return


 Back slash


 Horizontal tab



Symbolic Constants

  • The scanf() function and &
  • Defining symbolic constants
  • Modifiability and understandability
  • Usually written in capitals
  • # is needed but ; is not allowed in the end
  • Assignment statement is not allowed
  • It can reside anywhere before usage



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Morgan Brown
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