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Adah - How can you reset FF Feb 18
Adah - In unbutu 21.4lts how do you remove sn application Feb 12
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Adah - How do you forbid anything to run on Ubuntu?Feb 05
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Adah - "You do not have permissions to write to this folder." Dec 14
Adah - Weird stuff happening in 8.10 was: "You do not have...Dec 14
Adah - What apps are you using for photo work in linux?Dec 12
Adah - do you know how we can produce a beep with terminal?Dec 12
Adah - what do you like best about ubuntu 9.04 Dec 07
Adah - Karmic 64-bit & YouTube Dec 06
Adah - Which Linux distribution do you use most frequently? Dec 04
Adah - Linux tools for Youtube Dec 04
Adah - Is there a way to keep it mounted after you shut off or reboot?Dec 04
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Adah - Virtualbox OS - how do you get the CD burning to work on it Dec 04
Adah - Virtualbox OS how do you get the USB Flash Drive device to...Dec 03
Adah - What do you call a OS built on Ubuntu? Dec 03
Adah - Use a Blackberry with your Ubuntu or any other linux?Nov 30
Adah - Does anybody here watch youtube full screen without high cpu...Nov 29
Adah - youtube to dvd Nov 29
Adah - youtube issue Nov 29
Adah - Which email manager do you lot use the most and why? Nov 29
Adah - videos, youtube, etc. Nov 29
Adah - will you use ubuntu if you live in third world ? Nov 27
Adah - gsm disconnected you are now offline Nov 25
Bibhuti - i beg your correct answersAug 03
Milind - Corba program to encrypt the text that you want to send on...Feb 23
Milind - Prolog program to read details about your classmates and...Feb 21
Shruti - How would you select group of worksheets?Jan 20
Shruti - State whether true or false. Give the reasons for your...Jan 20
Shruti - List the four ways you can change column width?Jan 20
Shruti - How can you create a style by example? Explain.Jan 20
Shruti - How would you hide column in Excel?Jan 20
Shruti - Name the function, which can get you the current date.Jan 20
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