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State whether true or false. Give the reasons for your answer.

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a. Workbook can have minimum of 16 worksheets in Excel. no
b. It is possible to remove the gridlines in a worksheet. yes
c. Now () + 56 is a valid statement. No
d. It is not possible to copy the format from one cell to another cell in Excel. no
e. When we change the values in the worksheet, reflect the new numbers.
f. Once the chart is created the chart axis can not be changed. no
g. Excel can not be used as database. no
h. Global macros are the macros, which are stored in personal Macro workbook.
i. Linking worksheets is different from simple copy and paste operation.
j. Data of one worksheet can not be used in the formula in another sheet.
k. Pivot Table Report shows the graphical summary of the data. yes
l. We use a ‘$’ sign before each element the cell that should not change in order to convert a relative cell reference to absolute cell reference. yes
m. Goal seek is used to find the output result by changing multiple input cells. no
n. A macro is made up of a series of instructions written in Visual Excel. No


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