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Reading integers using scanf function

Posted By: Amber Hughes     Category: C Programming     Views: 10124

Reading integers using scanf function.

Code for Reading integers using scanf function in C Programming

       int a,b,c,x,y,z;                                        
       int p,q,r;                                              
       printf("Enter three integer numbers\n");                
       scanf("%d %*d %d",&a,&b,&c);                            
       printf("%d %d %d \n\n",a,b,c);                          
       printf("Enter two 4-digit numbers\n");                  
       scanf("%2d %4d",&x,&y);                                 
       printf("%d %d\n\n", x,y);                               
       printf("Enter two integers\n");                         
       scanf("%d %d", &a,&x);                                  
       printf("%d %d \n\n",a,x);                               
       printf("Enter a nine digit number\n");                  
       scanf("%3d %4d %3d",&p,&q,&r);                          
       printf("%d %d %d \n\n",p,q,r);                          
       printf("Enter two three digit numbers\n");              
       scanf("%d %d",&x,&y);                                   
       printf("%d %d",x,y);                                    
   Enter three integer numbers                                 
   1 2 3                                                       
   1 3 -3577                                                   
   Enter two 4-digit numbers                                   
   6789  4321                                                  
   67 89                                                       
   Enter two integers                                          
   44  66                                                      
   4321 44                                                     
   Enter a nine-digit number                                   
   66 1234 567                                                 
   Enter two three-digit numbers                               
   123  456                                                    
   89 123         

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Amber Hughes
Amber Hughes author of Reading integers using scanf function is from London, United Kingdom.
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