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Program to find largest integer among the three and display it using function with return type

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A C++ Program that find the largest integer out of three integers provided and display the largest integer(using functions with return type).

Code for Program to find largest integer among the three and display it using function with return type in C++ Programming


 int largest(int,int,int);


       int value_1;
       int value_2;
       int value_3;
       int maximum;

       cout<<"\n Enter the value_1 =  ";

       cout<<"\n Enter the value_2 =  ";

       cout<<"\n Enter the value_3 =  ";


       cout<<"\n The largest integer is = "<<maximum<<endl;

       return 0;

 /*************************************************************************///-------------------------  largest(int,int,int)  ----------------------///*************************************************************************/int largest(int x,int y,int z)
       int largest=x;



       return largest;

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Craig Smith from United States Comment on: Jun 25
I'm getting my butt kicked with this stuff! Please help me along. Try not to help TOO TOO much; I want to learn this without being given the answers. May be tough because I'm so lost! My assignment is to make a function that returns largest of three numbers passed to it. So far I have for different tries and they either give me back, "None", "*** 'return' outside function", or "unexpected indent". Here's the part that's good, now what? (I'm on a PC)

[#function is called largestNum
import math
def maxOfThree(a,b,c):
max = a

#enter three numbers

a = input ('give me a number')
b = input ('give me another number')
c = input ('give me a another number')
print (a,b,c)]

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