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  Shared By: Gymjunnky      Date: Mar 19      Category: VB.Net     
Gymjunnky.com Welcomes you to VB.NET 2008 this is tutorial 1 and my name is Gym_ In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to add the current time on a project 1st thing we need to do is open our copy of vb.net 2005 or 2008 Over on the left hand side u will see Open & Create We want to click create project This will then open up our templates window which u can choose what type of application you would like. I'm going to make shore the icon marked as windows application which is the 1st icon on the far left is highlighted and then go Down to the very bottom were you will see a box marked NAME By default this is called project windowsApplication1 I'm going to change the name of this to TIME Then click OK Now that our screen has loaded i notice we don't have a tool window so i click on view and then toolbox And because id like it showing all the time and not popping in and out which annoys the crap outer me I'm going to click the pin icon at the top of the window which will leave the window open all the time. Now what were going to do is click the label icon and draw a rectangle on our form. Then were going to click on the timer icon and draw a box on our form and ull notice it put the timer on the bottom on the screen rather than the form its self like vb6 ect Now what we want to do is turn out timer on when the form 1st loads up so we double click on a blank part of the form which takes us into form1 load in here we right timer1. Enabled = true and then hit enter to take <b>...</b>


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