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C Programming Tutorial 1 Learn C Programming: Game Programming

  Shared By: LearnToProgramDotTV      Date: Mar 25      Category: C Programming     
www.learntoprogram.tv The C Programming language is a great place to start for anyone who would like to learn computer programming. C is relatively easy to learn but can be very powerful While its a much older language and not object oriented, it can be used to develop almost any type of application-- including video games. The C programming language has been used in colleges and universities for years and continues to be used all over the world. This first C programming video tutorial will show you how to set up an environment to do C programming and teach you how to write your first program. Mark Lassoff, of LearnToProgram.TV hosts the program. Lassoff is a professional programming trainer and has been in the field for ten years. For more information and videos, please visit LearnToProgram.TV.


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