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C Programming Tutorial 2 (Part 1) Learn C Programming: Game Programming

  Shared By: LearnToProgramDotTV      Date: May 10      Category: C Programming     
This is part I of a two part video. The C Programming language is a great place to start for anyone who would like to learn computer programming. C is relatively easy to learn but can be very powerful While its a much older language and not object oriented, it can be used to develop almost any type of application-- including video games. The C programming language has been used in colleges and universities for years and continues to be used all over the world. To do this tutorial yourself you'll need to download a C compiler and editor. LearnToProgram.TV recommends Dev C++ by Bloodshed. This second C Programming Tutorial Video will show you how to use variables. Variables will be declared and initialized and then output using the Printf command. Variable types and Printf Signifiers will be used as well. Mark Lassoff, of LearnToProgram.TV hosts the program. Lassoff is a professional programming trainer and has been in the field for ten years. For more information and videos, please visit www.LearnToProgram.TV.


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