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  Shared By: Gymjunnky      Date: Mar 23      Category: VB.Net     
Gymjunnky.com Welcome's you to learn VB.NET 2005/2008 this is tutorial no2 and my name is Gym_ In this short tutorial I'm going to demonstrate popup boxes with variable input as well as the If statement Please take note that all my tutorials start off vey basic and slowly get more advanced so if you do not understand some of the functions then please revert back to previous tutorials. So let's get started,, Open your 2005 or 2008 Vb.NET edition and select new Project Then were going to just change the name to popup call your project whatever you like 1st thing we need to do is grab ourselves a button,, and draw a rectangle on our form were we would like it to go Then were going to double click on the button and inside were going to right MSGBOX "Welcome to vb.net" Make shore you use quotation marks as this tells vb that this is an actual quote of what is to be said. Then click the run or play button and click on the button we made on the front of the form Ok there ya have it welcome to vb.net Ok lets spice this up a little let's make the text inside this message box variable One way of doing this is adding a textbox to our form so let's do that now,,, click the icon textbox and draw a rectangle on the form. You can choose whether to have mutable lines by clicking the little arrow button and then ticking the multi line box I'm just going to change the colour of our form here so we can see this a little better Ok so click the button that we made on the form and erase what <b>...</b>

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