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  Shared By: Gymjunnky      Date: May 20      Category: VB.Net     
Gymjunnky.com welcomes you to learn Visual basics Form goes down form goes up, Form goes down form goes up, Just chucking a homer Simpson here mmm beeerrr , lol Okies so this is what im going to show yas how to do today just a very basic but rather cool form sliding technique. Doing something like this can ad a bit of class to ya program mmm ether that or make you look like a real tosser who just trying way to hard..lol ether way Oww look b4 i do what i say, is going to be slightly different then what i right so it makes a little more scène so don't do what i say do what i type,, ull get what im talking about in a sec Okies 1st thing im going to do is make a command button and then double click on it and inside were going to right.. Do until If me dot height is less than 7000 Then me dot height = me dot height + 1 Do events Loop Or you could read this a different way Do until me. Height = greater then 7000 Whichever way helps you to remember the code better its totally up to you. Now theirs ppl out there screaming at their monitors and opening there emails about to right to me and tell me that its the 2nd that's correct But as long as you remember how to do it then personally i don't think it matters as this is only learn basic VB not get a job with Microsoft programming vb 2010. So whatever way helps you remember the way to do this is what i believe is the way to say it.. Make scène? no? Stiff...lol Look if you say to someone in the philharmonic hay its ever good boy <b>...</b>

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