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Basic C Programming Language

Posted By: Aaron Evans     Category: C Programming     Views: 17223

This article explains about requirement of language, why c, sample programs in c, execution of program in c, design and character set, C token, keywords, identifiers, constants, variables, data types etc..

Requirements for a language

  • English Language is ambiguous 
  • Need a subset
  • The if Example
  • The Compiler and the Standard
  • The BCPL or the "B"
  • Dennis Ritchie modified the language in 1972 to call it C

Why C?

  • It is rich enough for writing any complex programs like DOS or Windows or Unix OS or Oracles like RDBMS
  • The C Compiler combines the capabilities of ASS.  Lang. with HLL
  • It is suitable for both system software and commercial or application software
  • C programs are efficient and fast
  • It has less keywords and more built-in functions so it is more portable
  • It is a structured language which makes debugging, testing and maintenance easier
  • It has an ability to extend itself

Other related things in C programming

  • The necessary main function
  • Other functions, user defined and built-in functions
  • The printfexample for printing name
  • The distinction between uppercase and lowercase  letters
  • The comments, data types and variables

Variables and Keywords in C programming

  • number and amount in the sample program below are variables
  • int and float are keywords having predefined meaning
  • Data storage in variable are done through the assignment
  • The sentence must be terminated by ;

Sample Program 1 in C Programming

   /* ..printing begins…*/
   printf (“syntax-example.com”);
   /* ..printing ends…*/

Sample Program to add two numbers in C Programming 

   int number;
   float amount;
   number = 100;

   amount =30.75 + 75.35;
   printf (“%d\n”, number);
   printf (“%5.21”, amount);

Road to Execute the Program

  • Creating the program
  • Compiling it
  • Linking the program with functions needed from C libraries
  • Executing it finally
  • The integrated environment

Design of a Language

  • Conversion of data into information
  • The sequence of instruction to carry out the operation is program
  • The instruction formation is done using syntax rules
  • Syntax rules are must to comply with
  • C has its own vocabulary and grammar

Character Set in C Programming

C Tokens in C Programming

Constants in C Programming

Data types and Variables in C Programming



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Aaron Evans
Aaron Evans author of Basic C Programming Language is from London, United Kingdom.
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