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ubuntu not does not allow crossover/wine to work

  Date: Dec 26    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 476

I am REALLY bummed..am an enthusiastic newbie..

. I had spent hours researching Ubuntu compatible programs and things
that will make my work work.Am a heavy user ( web designer /graphic
designer ) and totally took the plunge to Ubuntu after extensive
testing...one thing I did test and purchase is crossover to run some
programs that are not replaceable or no comparable programs.

this week happily formated and did a clean install of new ubuntu, and
have spent a couple of days getting everything back and in working order...
now am sadden and stunned to find that the new ubuntu causes crossover
and wine to not work correctly?

I would think that both these programs are pretty important to the linux
world? Or at least in my mind as a new linux user. Yes, I use VB, but I
purchased programs just to use for Ubuntu, and now the don't work

it does appear from the forums that folks over there are scrambling to
find fixes...

HAs anyone gotten crossover or wine to work on the new ubuntu ??

Are there any work arounds? Will I have to do the unthinkable and
downgrade back to the 7.xx



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Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 26    

I have never used crossover but I have always used wine. It works fine on my
8.04. There are some programs that dont work at all on wine.Your permissions
have to be right and I also use the emulat a desktop . You have to set the size.
It is faster and some programs will work in it that did notr witout it.

Answer #2    Answered On: Dec 26    

And why would that be Unthinkable?

Millions of Windows users have stuck with the "downgrade" of XP, over
Vista. ;-)

Latest is seldom the Greatest...and with Ubuntu's 6-month renumbering
cycle, those with the latest number OS, end up being beta testers.
They don't call it Beta software...but with the large numbers of
problems reported each update cycle, it obviously is not ready for
prime time upon each release date.

I know Ubuntu cultists will disagree, but it's the Truth.

A happy MEPIS 7 (Debian Etch) user, not suffering through the problems
reported with each new Ubuntu iteration,

Answer #3    Answered On: Dec 26    

I had the same view about ubuntu for a few months... until a couple of
weeks ago! I don't feel they give themselves enough time to test.
Opensuse test their new version for six months - with a new version
release every 8/9 months. BUT they still have problems and their
repositories are nothing like as well defined as ubuntu. As Gobby said
in one email, after trying a few others one comes back to ubuntu.

Each distro has its drawbacks and for me ubuntu's big advantage is the
documentation, this yahhoogroup and ubuntu/kubuntu forums. I was going
to try mepis but there is little documentation and i've decided to
stick to ubuntu LTS versions

Answer #4    Answered On: Dec 26    

So far every problem I have run into from Ubuntu I have gotten answers to
either in this forum or on google search (with the exception to stuff that
is not able to be run on Linux).

Answer #5    Answered On: Dec 26    

Please up date your system. Wine was updated last night and you'll be ask to
restart your system after the updates are completed. This may fix the problem of
wine not running.

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