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Dialup Internet with Ubuntu 9.10

  Date: Dec 04    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 430

Dialup for Ubuntu 9.10

Curiously, the Ubuntu 9.10 User Guide shows GnomePPP
as the dialer package to use, but they don't include it on
either the CD or DVD distributions. It would seem logical
to conclude that if you're looking for a dialer package to
install in your Ubuntu, you may not have an alternate internet
path to download it.

Additionally, most how-to's on the internet are old and
make references to configuring dialup through the Network
Manager, which also doesn't work for dialup under 9.10.
So with the help of a few folks on the UbuntuLinux yahoo
group I was able to put together the steps below that
allows me to set up and use my external dialup modem
(a USRobotics 56K) and my ISP.

I downloaded the necessary packages from the Ubuntu
repository and burned them to a CDROM, which I keep
with my Ubuntu DVD.

1. Start with a bone-stock fresh off the CD 9.10 install.

2. Install Gppp and wvdial packages (in this order) by
double-clicking the .deb files:
1) libwvstreams4.6-base
2) libwvstreams4.6-extras
3) libuniconf4.6
4) wvdial1.6
5) gnomeppp

3. Add Userid to 'dip' group:
1) Desktop] --> Administration --> Users and Groups
2) Unlock, enter password
3) Manage Groups
4) "dip"- [Properties] check Userid and root
5) [OK] and [Close]
6) [Lock] and [Close].
7) Logout, and log back in.

4. Modify permissions and group assignment:
1) Desktop] --> Applications --> Accessories --> Terminal
2) sudo chgrp -R /etc/ppp
3) sudo chmod g+rw /etc/ppp*secrets
4) ls -l /etc/ppp should show group r+w
for chap-secrets and pap-secrets, and
"dip" as the group for all /etc/ppp files.
5) Close terminal.

5. Configure GnomePPP:
1) Desktop] --> Applications --> Internet --> Gppp
2) Settings - Detect Modem
3) Dial Prefix = *70
4) [Close]
5) Enter Login, Password, Phone Number
6) [Check] Remember Password.
7) Done

GnomePPP can be found at:

Desktop] --> Applications --> Internet --> GnomePPP

As a secondary action, since you're on a dialup you should
probably go into:

Desktop] --> System --> Administration --> Update Manager

and turn off any automatic updates, otherwise it will
immediately try and download many megabytes as soon as
your modem makes a connection, tying it up for hours
(days?) if you let it.



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