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Can't get a new HP D1660 printer to work on Ubuntu 8.04 - 9.10

  Date: Dec 05    Category: Unix / Linux / Ubuntu    Views: 543

All of them seem to recognize the printer when I plug it in but none print. 9.10
did print a test page but not a document I wrote. It just blinks but never

I downloaded and installed the HP specific drivers from the 3rd party site
referenced by the HP site and have a nice new blue HP icon in the task bar. That
gives more functionality (supposedly) like cleaning the heads, etc. but I still
can't get it to print. I've unplugged the printer, deleted the printer in
Admin/Printers, shut down, plugged the printer in, turned it on then booted the
computer and again, it recognizes it but doesn't print.

I had purchased a cheap Canon Pixma 2600 series and it did the same thing which
is why I returned it and went for the HP which I had read would be better

Tried both of these printers on two machines with same results.

On the other hand I plugged in my much more expensive Epson R320 and it works
fine without any setup. Is "cheap" an issue?

Are printers this hit and miss with Linux? Should I just go with Epson when it
comes to Linux? Are there Linux distros that deal with printing better? Worst
part is I install the drivers off the disk on an XP box and it works fine -

I've been working professionally with PCs since they first came out and have
installed lots of printers (only a few on Linux though) so this is a bit



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Answer #1    Answered On: Dec 05    

What program are you trying to print from?