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This article explains PATINDEX function of sql server with examples.

PATINDEX is used to get starting position of the first occurrence of a pattern in a specified expression. 

Syntax of PATINDEX Function :

PATINDEX ( '%pattern%' ,expression )

pattern is a sequence of characters to be found from expression. We can specify wildcard characters in pattern. It can be of short character data type.

expression is a string from which pattern to be searched. It is of character string data type. 

It returns an integer value.

Examples of PATINDEX Function :

Example 1 : Use of PATINDEX function in select clause

SELECT PATINDEX('%-E%','Syntax-Example') 


Above example returns position of starting index for characters '-E' in specified string. 

SELECT PATINDEX('%l_%','Syntax-Example') 

Above example returns position of starting index for characters 'l' followed by any character in specified string. Here '%' and '_' are wildcard characters used.

Example 2 : Use of PATINDEX function to display field value of table

SELECT Address, PATINDEX('% %',Address) AS 'Index'
FROM    Customers

ContactName                             Index
Obere Str. 57                                6
Avda. de la Constitución 2222       6
Mataderos  2312                          10
120 Hanover Sq.                            4
Berguvsvägen  8                           13
Forsterstr. 57                               12

Above example displays starting position of first space in address field from customers table.

Example 3 : Use of PATINDEX function in where clause

SELECT ContactName, Address
FROM    Customers
WHERE  PATINDEX('%8%',Address) > 0

ContactName            Address
Christina Berglund     Berguvsvägen  8
Diego Roel                C/ Moralzarzal, 86
Martine Rancé           184, chaussée de Tournai
Carlos Hernández      Carrera 22 con Ave. Carlos Soublette #8-35
Patricia McKenna      8 Johnstown Road
Jaime Yorres             87 Polk St. Suite 5

Above example displays all customers containing character '8' in addresss from customers table.



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Sarita Patel author of PATINDEX Function is from United States.
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