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This article explains about IS_SRVROLEMEMBER function in sql server with examples.

IS_SRVROLEMEMBER is used to check the current user login is a member of the specified server role.

This function can be useful to programmatically detect whether the current user can perform an activity requiring the server role's permissions.

Syntax of IS_SRVROLEMEMBER Function :

IS_SRVROLEMEMBER ('role' [ , 'login' ] )

role is a name of the server role. It is a sysname.

login is an optional name of the logged in user. It is a sysname. If you don't specify, the current user login account is used.  

Return type of IS_SRVROLEMEMBER is an integer. It returns 1 when login is a member of role, 0 when login is not a member of role and NULL when role or login is not valid.

Examples of IS_SRVROLEMEMBER Function :

Example 1 : Use of IS_SRVROLEMEMBER function in select clause 



Above example returns 1 means logged in user is a server admin user of northwind database. 


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