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Program to find average of two numbers

Posted By: Hilma Miller     Category: C Programming     Views: 40866

Write a program to find average of two numbers

Code for Program to find average of two numbers in C Programming


void main()
        int number1,number2,number3;
        float average;
        int sum=0;
                printf("Enter the number:");
                printf(" The sum :%d\t The average:%f\n",sum, average);
                        printf("Error,Enter the correct number.");

        printf("\nThe aggregate average is:%6.2f",average);


Enter the number:23
 The sum :23     The average:23.000000
Enter the number:45
 The sum :68     The average:34.000000
Enter the number:76
 The sum :144    The average:48.000000
Enter the number:34
 The sum :178    The average:44.000000
Enter the number:29
 The sum :207    The average:41.000000
Enter the number:30
 The sum :237    The average:39.000000
Enter the number:966
 The sum :1203   The average:171.000000

The aggregate average is:171.00

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Hilma Miller
Hilma Miller author of Program to find average of two numbers is from Frankfurt, Germany.
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