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Example 2 of structure

Posted By: Adalwin Fischer     Category: C Programming     Views: 4572

Program that illustrates an example of structure.

Code for Example 2 of structure in C Programming

struct student        \\ A
    char name[30];    \\ B    
    float marks;    \\ C
    }  ;             \\ D
main ( )
    struct student *student1;    \\ E   
    struct student student2;    \\ F
    char s1[30];        
    float  f;            
    student1 = &student2;    \\ G
    scanf (“%s”, name);    \\ H
    scanf (“ %f”, & f);    \\ I
    *student1.name = s1;    \\ J  student1-> name = f;
    *student2.marks = f;    \\ K  student1-> marks = s1;

 printf (“ Name is %s \n”, *student1.name);    \\ L
 printf (“ Marks are %f \n”, *student2.marks);    \\ M

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Adalwin Fischer
Adalwin Fischer author of Example 2 of structure is from Frankfurt, Germany.
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