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  Question Asked By: Lambodar Eng.   on Sep 08 In MS Office Category.

Question Answered By: Danny Perkins   on Sep 08

I agree with that concept. Your reason for not
liking that concept was because your client wanted to see a "visual"
picture of the rooms.

I think you can accomplish that, by using the AutoFilter feature of

What I would do is create  a UserForm that has all the rooms listed, the
client can open the UserForm with a button, and select from the dropdown
the room that he/she is interested in seeing information about. When
the client clicks the OK button, an AutoFilter executes to display only
the necessary information about "Room101", because you have passed the
parameter of Room101 to the AutoFilter command  via code. This way, you
are using Excel more like a database.

Does that help?



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