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User Form Question (Scrolling Window)

  Asked By: Madeline    Date: Jan 28    Category: MS Office    Views: 2085

Excel 2003

I have a form with multipages. Page 2 is much larger than page 1 and
3. I wanted to add scrolling to offset the white space of the form;
plus page 2 won't completely fix on smaller screens.

The natural breaks of page 2 would many extra pages so I would like
to keep them all on one page.

I have looked into zooming out which I didn't like the look of.

I have attempted to adjust the scrolling properties but it hasn't
helped. I can see the vertical scrollbar but it does nothing when the
form is ran.

I have also tried:

If Me.MultiPage1.Value = 1 Then 'Page two
ActiveWindow.ScrollRow = 5 'tried several numbers, none worked
End If

Any Thoughts?



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