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Marvel vs. Capcom Combos 2010 by AC-Slayer & Hyper Sonic (01.20.2010) - Part 1 of 2

  Shared By: marveliciouscombos      Date: Jan 19      Category: Visual Studio     
Download official version here: www.box.net Part one: www.youtube.com Part two: www.youtube.com It's 2010 kiddies and CV.com brings everyone who loves the "versus series" a decadent treat. Over 18 minutes of high-octane, throat-choking, and ball-busting combos and glitches for Marvel vs. Capcom 1. Toxy makes a brief cameo in the video, providing some lost X-men vs. Street Fighter footage from the "Breaking the Universe" era. Vice Versa also makes a special appearance. But one need not introduce the stars behind the show. We're all familiar with the likes of AC-Slayer and Hyper Sonic. Both "comboists" seem to always find a way to break the MVC1 engine over and over again. Video Edit: AC-Slayer Combos: AC-Slayer & Hyper Sonic Special Guests: Toxy & Vice Versa Total running time: 18 minutes 27 seconds Video codec: h264 Audio codec: AAC Video Container: mp4 Recommended Media Player: Video Lan Player (www.videolan.org)


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